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  • Who is Andrea LeMusique?
    Andrea LeMusique is a polymaththat now dedicates all of her girls, talents, time and resources to help other achieve success in business, the music industry and in individuals' personal lives by teaching the key mindset principles that have changed her own life and educating her clients in practical steps to get to the next level. She strives to connect them to the appropriate resources and services to make one's goals a reality. She's called a "fixer" by some, affectionaly known as "Woman Wonder Andrea" by many and strives, through her actions and words, to be called a great mom, friend, coach, speaker and most importantly....a servant of the Most High.
  • What is a Polymath?
    A POLYMATH is an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. Andrea LeMusique fully believes that you shouldnt have to choose a talent, passion or path in your life...God made you a multifaceted being for a reason.
  • Why is she called Woman Woman Andrea?
    Andrea has gone through quite a few hurdles in life, some that individually would make some want to give up. Through it all, even the moments when she called herself "running from God", He never left her nor forsaked her and miracles have abounded in her life. Like so many women who wear so many hats, she manages being a mother, a daughter, a business owner, a friend and any other role that she must be through out the day. The title "Wonder Woman" is one that describes the strength, perserverance and resilence of a strong woman. She changed her picture to a photoshopped picture of herself as Wonder Woman in a Clubhouse room called "Decalre the Morning, Win the Day" led by Vision Coach Kim Springer after hearing a message by Apostle Tanya Tenica, as a sign of the new confdence and mindset that she was learning to walk in. Over time, the photo and the name became a mantra, and then a term of endearment as her mindset grew to match the picture and she now walks in the fullness of of the strong woman that God created her to be and helps others to walk in that same fullness with joy that only comes from being in the presence of God.
  • What are some of the the coaching, consulting and services that Andrea and/or her Team assist you with?"
    Public Speaking Biblical Teaching Business Consulting Life Coaching Podcast Training Dream Actualization Wholesale Real Estate Mentoring MC and Presenter Voiceovers (Corporate, Acting, Animation, Commericals, Caharacter Voices) Business Development App Development Customer Service Coaching for Employees Text 856-677-8478 or visit for more information or contact Andrea directly on her IG page! @andrealemusique
  • Are the videos, audios and text messages when you click "I'm here to help" and "Talk to me" private?"
    Yes! Anything you say, video or text is confidential and not used in any way except to allow you the freedom to ask any question or share any thought you may have in a safe space. Should you be leaving a testimonial that you do want to be used - whether video, audio or text and you would like us to use it publically you must tell us or we will simply say thank you. We look forward to helping you, praying for you, guiding you or speaking with you. It's all about you Love!
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