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At the top of every page this arrow will take you to the first screen where you can choose to listen to Wakanda Radio - one of the most amazing stations that gives you the perfect blend of modern inspirational and family-friendly rap and R&B and highlights extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Also, you can get back to our Special Offers for app users!

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At the BOTTOM of every page this arrow will take you to the previous page you were just on. This is the BACK button. 

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The is the REFRESH button. Click this to reset the page you're on when needed and to make sure that you have the most current version if you have the app open all the time. 

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SHARE, SHARE, SHARE THE APP! The more we grow, the more we can bless others!


The Home page brings you back to our Spotlights, Mission, Instructions and more!


Your Connection to everything and everyone all over the world. From Podcasts, Celebrities, Politics, News, Kids, Sports, Businesses, Education and everything in between!


NPR Virtual Solutions is one of the the USA's best kept secrets for small businesses and corporations and at-home employment - giving back to people what's most important - their time. 

LeMusique TV Networks features multiple TV stations that provide entertainment, education, talk shows, music videos, inspiration and much more. 


Need to record a quick memo, song, thought or message? You can do it with this free feature and share it anything to your drive, through email, in text messages, etc. 

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