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Let's Talk About it!

Interviewing extraordinary people from around the world and discussing issue that matter most


Declare the Morning, Win the Day!

Created by Vision Coach Kim Springer

Welcome to Declare The Morning Win The Day, where you are equipped to use your words to order your day. Your words are potent with life and power.


Here is where Vision Coach Kim will show you how to use them as arrows that hit the mark. Let’s goooo!


What He Say???!

hosted by Herkules and Ke Ahta

Two guys from the DMV who both went to The University of Delaware, who both coach High School Sports and have a lot of things to say about a lot of things. 


The Cool Out Corner


From Missouri and Kansas - Experience good talk about real life situations and be prepared to laugh. After all you know the best comedy comes from everyday life. 

wakanda radio.jpg

Wakanda Speaks

The History of Our Ancestors

Focuses on the untold history of the ancestors of the African Diaspora and the untold stories of their extraordinary descendant in 2021 still doing amazing things. 


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