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Native Instruments TRK-01 1.1.1 lorrayn




Author Date More Information Views Comments John Suida Feb 15, 2011 Does the TRK-01 have a USB port to plug in a mouse and keyboard? Clare Williams Feb 16, 2011 This is an external flightstick which can be easily connected to your laptop, it looks really nice. I am not sure about the connection of the button to the controller, you have to be sure that the button is pressed correctly. LATEST POSTS Download The TRK-01 Flightstick The TRK-01 is a high quality, wireless flightstick. Includes detailed installation instructions. When you’re done, please share a short review with other TRK-01 owners and help other people find this product. Update 01/14/2013 The TRK-01 is now in production. It will be available for pre-order on January 22nd and shipping will begin on January 31st. Update 01/20/2013 The TRK-01 is now in stock and shipping. Update 02/06/2013 We've added free shipping for all TRK-01 orders in the continental U.S. (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) and free shipping for all preorders in Australia. Update 02/23/2013 Shipped out over 100 free samples and now back in stock. Watch for more pre-order discounts to be available soon. Update 03/04/2013 We've had a great first week with the TRK-01 in Japan. If you were waiting for more Japanese TRK-01's, we're sorry to say we've run out of stock. If you live in Japan and want to order a TRK-01, please use this link. Update 03/11/2013 Manufacturing is nearly complete for all TRK-01 orders in the USA. We're still working on finishing our Japanese orders but things are coming together nicely. We're nearing the end of free shipping on all TRK-01 orders in the U.S. for orders placed before November 15th. I believe that part of the reason is that a few years ago, the Sony Playstation was released. Sony has always been the leader of peripheral technology. I believe that Microsoft will be introducing their own keyboard and mouse because they are trying to position themselves as a more



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