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Lemusique TV Network


Features LeMusique TV station at the top, and the guide for all of the LeMusique TV network stations below. This channel also features the ability to be watched while in other apps on the iPhone. 

You can also watch any channel from here without having to change screens. 

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LeMusique TV

Featuring independent and known movies, shorts, documentaries and original TV shows and LIVE FEATURES. Also catch news, LeMusique Network Updates and Announcements

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Welcome to Enoughness TV, where you are edified, encouraged and equipped to execute your vision from your enoughness. You are already enough. Tune in to Vision Coach Kim and her team as they show you how to prosper from that enough place.

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The only TV station dedicated to the people of the Big Sandy community in Eastern Kentucky. Tune in for the latest news, information, and entertainment right from your phone at any time...and its 100% free for all viewers except for special events. 



It's gotten to the point where if you have a child between 5-12, you have to constantly check their phones. Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube..even certain settings within our favorite apps can still leave us having to "double-check" what they are watching. Here, you can relax. 24/7 365 days of safe TV where kids are kids. 

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Women of Douglasville, founded by Karen Campbell, is an organization that focuses on community empowerment and inspiration. Learn more about the 14000+ members and get your Douglasville News here first on WOD TV. 

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Doctor Dré, Hip Hop industry legend and best known for co-hosting Yo! MTV Raps with Ed Lover in the 1990s and known by every Hip Hop legend for his work behind the scenes shares new projects, never-before scene footage from the legendary days, and more!

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Christian TV shows and inspirational content. 


Upwell TV

"Upwell", also the name of LeMusique founder's new book to be released in 2022, signifies how we sometimes have to go deep to find the best nutrients and what we need. Get your inspiration here and be uplifted mind, body and spirit. 

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One of the only places in the United States that you can get KPOP and K-Rap 24/7 365 days of the year in the United States. Make sure you stay tuned for VIP subscriptions for private online concerts and exclusive content and merch!

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Nubian History

We've heard "his-story", now it's time to know the true and documented history of a people whose roots start at the beginning of time. 24 hours of knowledge and enlightenment. The deeper we dug into the past, the more this history is uncovered after being buried, burned and forgotten for so long. 

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Not sure what to watch tonight? Why not check out LeMusique Tv's Movie Channel. for great options and family fun! 

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Guffaw & Chill

A Guffaw is a loud and boisterous laugh. Enjoy 24 hours of comedy and laughter, the kind that leaves you with no choice but to kick back and chill and have a good time. 

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